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Lupercal Capital was founded as an alternative investment advisory firm, built by experts who recognise the potential for high and uncorrelated returns offered by alternative investment markets, including cryptocurrency.

We know how to pick a winner.


Want to capitalise on the growth of cryptocurrency?

The key is knowledge and understanding of the market.

We provide comprehensive expert analysis which helps you make informed decisions. This includes: detailed analysis on which cryptocurrencies and ICOs have set themselves up for long term success and identification of which have overlooked key regulatory issues that may hinder their long-term success; detailed analysis on how regulatory changes are likely to impact global cryptocurrency markets; and regular market analysis.


Lupercal Capital is active in a number of significant alternative investments. We have provided start-up funding projects (including those looking to undertake an ICO); developed successful arbitrage trading across various markets; and successfully developed trading models in sports betting and other alternative markets.

We have an established track of highly successful alternative investing


To cater to different client profiles, we offer a range of investment advisory services in cryptocurrency and alternative investment spaces.

We provide clients with expert analysis, helping them make informed decisions about their investments to generate consistently successfully returns. Our analysis ensures that clients keep ahead of market changes (such as regulatory announcements), and identify which cryptocurrency projects have properly addressed long and medium term risks and set themselves up for success.

We also have an excellent track record of helping clients develop successful, balanced portfolios tailored to their risk/return requirements, and developing high-performing trading models. Lupercal Capital has also acted as co-financiers of some early-stage ICOs ventures.

Want to improve your investment returns? We’d love to hear from you


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